Monday, April 20, 2009


so the FIRST thing i thought when i saw these new Forever21 shoes was "this has got to be a designer rip-off" (ironically, i was standing right next to the Alexander Wang fringe boot copy-cats (which are actually a great bargain as they're oh so comfy) as i thought that)

Its a pretty good copy of the original LAMB ‘Selene’ pump with zip-trimmed tuxedo-shirt flaps in Black or Gunmetal, which go for $239.00, $252.95, $299.99 The almost $300 shoes opposed to the $28.80 copy-cats.
The Forever21 copy is actually really nice. I prefer the more matte finish on the faux leather on the F21 copy rather than the patent-looking LAMB shoe. When T tried it on, it was pretty comfy and easy to walk in. Comparing the two kind of makes me want to head back to Forever21 and pick up a pair of these beauties. Too bad I'm supposed to be saving money, but maybe i'll break that vow and snatch 'em up anyways :]