Saturday, January 31, 2009


so i wrote this LONG-ASS post about my day and a bit of fashion.. then the internet closed on me!
therefore i'm not gonna bother to go back and retype everything.
when it closed on me, i was in the process of uploading pictures of the people and outfits that have been a great inspiration to me lately. so i'll just go back and reupload all of those:

its not in order of my favorites, just random, i LOVE them all.
all these pictures were taken from childhood flames, fashion toast, itslasfactory, chictopia, and others i forgot. none of these photos are mine.
so you can tell i'm in love with loose,oversized white t-shirts and tanks, sweaters, and pullovers
i realllllly want:
- more loose white t-shirts and tanktops
- pullover sweater/ raglan
- a military trench
- leather bomber/ moto-style jacket
- wet look/ lame black leggings (i know, i fail, but seeing them being worn so amazingly in all those otufits is simply too much)
- collared button-up
- plain black cardigan
ahh i love clothes and fashion.

Friday, January 30, 2009

a pretty simple week

i havent posted in a while :/
well last friday was jane's last day. i was going to write about it but at the time i just couldnt, and even now i cant bring myself to write about it. so i'll just say that we'll all really miss her and there was a lot of crying. even when she came back to visit/ take her english final on wednesday there was a bit of tears and lots of hugging. i'm really going to miss her, i didnt realize how much she meant to me until she had to leave.
anyways, this week hasnt been a good one overall. on the bright side, i have an A in my AP World History class which makes me so so happy. i worked so hard :D

i got this baggy white- see thru/ shirt from target yesterday. yay! i cant wait to make outfits with it. its so simple but i really love it.
i was hoping that melinda, melissa, and rach could come over today but i dont think so :/
too bad... maybe i can do something fun this weekend? not sure... kinda doubt it though.

anyways here's an outfit from this week not the best but ehh i like it (just not my hair, eww):

i need a trim or a simple cut or something to my hair D:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

natsu. my dear.

even now, listening to dir en grey's marrow of a bone...
flashes of memories
of us
we were so close back then
you had a place dear in my heart
and i with you
listening to the music still hurts
just because it reminds me so vividly
of that bittersweet time
oh how i remember it all so well
like it wasnt so long ago...
natsu i miss you so much
i miss falling asleep together listening to dir en grey
and watching the sunset
i honestly didnt know how precious you were to me
then and now
and now i've lost you
at least i've lost what we used to have
yet its only now that i realize how precious you are to me
and always will be.

natsu, i pray everyday that you'll be happy, safe, and loved.
you need it more than all others
and even though it'll never be the same, know i'll always love you

i just wish i realized how much you cared for me,
when you still did.

i just wanna spread out on the grass and watch the clouds drift by

ouch. small blister/bubble thing on the bottom of my foot.
its because of my gladiators :/ i use constant wear for three days in a row when i have to walk all day, then walk a about 4 blocks home isnt exactly ideal...

yet i want to wear my -cheap payless- men's wear heels tomorrow. prolly not a good idea. but i really want to!

ahhh childhood flames and fashiontoast are such fashion inspirations!

afterschool we took some pictures today, mini photoshoot with nikki, rachel, and me with the cloud-filled sky and grass as our backdrop. lovely. very nice.
imma upload the photos onto the computer, then go do my alg.2 benchmark review and study study study.

i'm quite disappointed with myself in my grades this semester.

B in chemsitry
B+/A- in Photo Fundamentals
C+/B- in Alg. 2
B in Academy English 10 Honors
(hopefully) A in AP World History
(probably) A in Tennis

ahh.. i really wanted a B in alg. 2 and an A in english. i could've too, i'm more than capable but AP sucks up ALL of my time... but an A in that class will make me feel better.

so i finally thought of a new years resolution:
2) get a 4 or 5 on the AP Test in May
3) lose 5lbs. and trim up
4) tone up, turn that fat on my tummy and thighs into MUSCLE (look good so i dont feel bad about crushing on cute guys with abs xD)
5) get clear skin (i have the occasional pimple on my cheek, which bugs me incessantly)
so yay! now off to study alg.2 for the benchmark tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

studying and sadies

today was okay, ahhh lots of studying and reading to do.. yet i sit here proscrasinating -.- bad me.
i wore my gladiators today :D my outfit was just okay though, so no picture. i should've worn a less baggy shirt.

anyways, travis wasnt here today :/ it felt weird without him lol
and the LTK is going to SADIES :DDDDD
we're all gonna ask the guys, except me, i think (about 99.8% positive) i'm going to ask someone.
it might be awkward if he says no, but if he does then at least i'll know he doesnt like me and that i can stop or not stop, whichever i prefer haha!
its funny how chill i feel about asking him o.o i think i'll ask him tomorrow... not sure when though... the theme is safari sadies o.O i'll just wear a loose white top and some shorts. not sure if gladiators are considered 'safari' though...

on a sadder note, i'm sick. my mom did the 'cupping' asian remedy yesterday so i have dark circles all over my back. i feel a bit better, but still under the weather :/ hopefully i'll feel better soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

milkywu debut

this is the most recent picture i have of an outfit. sorry for the bad photo quality D: i'm saving for a nice camera.
i was inspired to make a blogspot and to drown myself in more fashion by fashiontoast and childhood flames. i get inspired my bloggers, online fashion posters, and street style more than anything else.

and lately i've been REALLY into:

loose white shirts and tank tops, paired with skinny jeans

gladiator sandals

military trenches

black and navy blue blazers

leather jackets/bombers

biker-style jackets

all of which are on my MUST-GET list, with the exception of the gladiators which i picked up yesterday :D.

and camille (of childhood flames)'s tutorial on the shredded shirt is oh-so amazing. i've got to go get a ribbed shirt to try that on.

i gonna swing by target next weekend for a pack of hanes or fruit of the loom shirts and forever21 for a loose basic shirt. i found a nice navy blue blazer at forever21 on sale, its a bit snug but i like it. i wonder if its still there... and a military trench ahhh i want one. *hoping nordstroms will have some sort of sale or coupon sometime soon*