Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shelley & Joachim

check out the give-away contest on shelley and joachim's blog!

comment about the 3 items you'll be wearing in fall and get entered into a contest for a "shopaholics on the loose" bag!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Media Controls the Importance of the News

I posted this on the AP English blog ( But I decided that I should post it on my blog too because its amazing how fast our news travels, even when its seriously not that life-changing. Bloggers across the U.S. and even in other countries, such as in Switzerland, knew what happened in the 24 hours after he passed. It's just amazing, left me in awe of how much power our media has.

When I was sitting in the dentist office and watching TV, I saw glimpses of Michael Jackson on TV but I brushed it off because I never really cared about him anyways. After coming home from today's dentist appointment, my mom who had just dropped me off at home, called and told me brother that Michael Jackson had just died. I was taken back at that moment, but not as shocked as how I was as I watching the news of his death take up hours of screen time on various channels. After I received the news from my mom, I got a bunch of text messages and IMs informing me of the same thing. Then I logged onto myspace and facebook, and "MICHAEL JACKSON DIED!" was in numerous people's status boxes. I was shocked at how quickly the news of his death spread to everyone. The news had taken over the television, internet through myspace, facebook, AIM, and phones through calls and text messages.
Why is the news of a celebrities death spreading lightening fast while more global news gets only a snippet here and there, if even? This seems to be a classic example of how cultural media has taken over news media. The lines between the two have been blurred so that people had hardly tell what is truly more important than the other. Thus it just appears that whatever has more screen time is more important than the news that does not have as much screen time. If this were actually true, that would mean Michael Jackson's death, Lindsay Lohan's relapses, the Transformers opening, and Megan Fox's ugly thumbs are all more important than the genocide in Darfur or Iran. It is even apparent as I am writing this post, I can't even think of the same number of pieces of global news as I can for celebrity gossip. I don't know as much about global news as I do about what's going on in each celebrity's life (with the help of MTV, the E! new channel, and those various reality shows that show viewers what each celebrity lives like), all because that is just what gets more air time.

*EDIT* I was just on Twitter and saw that one of the fashion bloggers I read posted this

justice. heard thriller blasting from a car. RIP
about 5 hours ago from txt
damnit. thriller. somebody should dance to it in memory of him.
about 6 hours ago from web

shoot. RIP farrah fawcett. DONT DIE MICHAEL JACKSON
about 8 hours ago from web

She knew that he was in the hospital and on the verge of dying right as she tweeted (sorry for the twitter language) that. Then 2 hours later, he died and she tweeted that too. For one, I'm amazed as how much people twitter a day, and second, I was amazed at how she continued to update her twitter with news of Michael Jackson's condition as she found out the news. Just wow.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I just joined the AP English 09/10 blog. I must say Melly you do sound SUPER intelligent! Go Melinda! Now I can't wait to get my books so I can put some input onto the blog as well! I'll be ordering the books off Amazon tonight, which means Melly your books will get ordered too.

I woke up around 10:30AM this morning and Alex (brother) reminded me that TOMORROW we're going to Las Vegas! I can't wait :] So I'm off to pack soon, which means I get to wear my Juicy red swimsuit soon :D

I finished Chapter 1 of American Pageant for APUSH whoo hoo! And I'm using my MacBook now! My parents got it for me for my birthday, they're sooo sweet I love them. My birthday is June 30, but HOPEFULLY I can have a small, informal birthday party thing at Bolsa Chica beach. MY mom hasn't given the okay yet so I'm just hoping :]

Okay time to go pack! I'll take some pictures in Vegas and post soon :]

Thursday, June 18, 2009

kidz jerking get hit by car

Check it out! [we are NOT really jerking, its a total SPOOF]
Subscribe to wtfmark123. He's AMAZING and sooo funny, not to mention such a great friend :]

huntington beach; kbbq; senior graduation; how I looked with curled hair

I can't believe school ended yesterday! Yes, I know I've been a HORRIBLE blogger. I fail.

Lately I've been taking less pictures of my outfits, so I guess those will be less frequent. Nevertheless, here are some pictures of our huntington beach trip, senior graduation, and our last few days of sophomore year :]

me and my bestie rachel <3

SMILE! that's everyone who was there. (clockwise melissa, mark, moi, rachel, mika, melinda, and lea)

rachel took a picture of me putting on sunblock

huntington beach 6.6.09

melly and i; dress up day!

a few of the LTK at lunch :]

me and joey, I'LL MISS YOU JOEY! <3>

jasmine and I, i'll miss her too, she's so sweet and going to SF State!
Korean BBQ @ Mr. Lee's ($10 for all you can eat)

at the bus stop, waiting for the bus

here's how i looked with curled hair!
i wish my hair was longer so i'd look like this just minus the bangs ;)

'someone' said I looked pretty that day ;D whoo hoo~
by the way, this blog is nothing short of ADORABLE!

Monday, April 20, 2009


so the FIRST thing i thought when i saw these new Forever21 shoes was "this has got to be a designer rip-off" (ironically, i was standing right next to the Alexander Wang fringe boot copy-cats (which are actually a great bargain as they're oh so comfy) as i thought that)

Its a pretty good copy of the original LAMB ‘Selene’ pump with zip-trimmed tuxedo-shirt flaps in Black or Gunmetal, which go for $239.00, $252.95, $299.99 The almost $300 shoes opposed to the $28.80 copy-cats.
The Forever21 copy is actually really nice. I prefer the more matte finish on the faux leather on the F21 copy rather than the patent-looking LAMB shoe. When T tried it on, it was pretty comfy and easy to walk in. Comparing the two kind of makes me want to head back to Forever21 and pick up a pair of these beauties. Too bad I'm supposed to be saving money, but maybe i'll break that vow and snatch 'em up anyways :]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

snip, snip

Today i have a hair appointment at 3 PM at Artistic Gallery in Monterey Park. I'll just be getting a trim to get rid of all the split-ends and dry parts of my hair. All-in-all, I'll be keeping the same style. Actually my hair doesnt have much 'style' at the moment. It's just long, about 4 inches past my shoulders, with side-swept bangs that almost touch the mouth and a couple layers. Maybe I will change the style a bit for a fresher look, but I love simplistic hair so it definately won't be a dramatic change.

Yesterday, I bought the harem/Aladin pants i wanted from Forever21. They were on sale for a couple weeks now, and I just knew that if i didn't buy it right there and then, it would be gone by the time I'd truly made up my mind. And I have no regrets, I love them! My mom and Rachel don't care much for them to say the least haha, but that's alright.

My To- Do List for Today:
- read and take notes on the assigned reading for AP World
- do abotut5 I.D.s or more
- do my alg. 2 homework
- take my weekend quiz
- look for vocab words in context
My To-Buy List:
- latest issue of Teen Vogue
- posterboard for Bless Me Ultima Project
- LA Times

Oh dear, i have A LOT to do today, yet I sit at the computer and write a blog. Alright, time to go to that AP reading!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

San Francisco Recap

so my grandpa's 49 days are over as of today. which means our vegetarian diet is over, and we can cut our hair again yay! [chinese traditions are kinda funny :D] but i've decided to stay a vegetarian :] just as the type of vegetarian that still eats seafood because i LOVE my sushi.
i just finished my dinner of rainbow rolls as well! yummmmm... i havent been so full in a long time.
eeek i've been kinda lazy with doing my I.D.s for AP world :/ i think the stress of the upcoming AP test is wearing on me. i'm so scared ahhhhh!

well on march 13, we went to SF! it was me, rachel, nikki, and joseph!
it was really something, sure it was a regular college trip but the feelings and experiences that we could never experience again made it magical!
rach and nikki slept over the night before, and me and nikki had a photoshoot :D (i'll post pictures ASAP) they slept pretty late i think, cuz i crashed at 10 and we had to wake up at 3AM
we got on the plane and were in the air by 6AM and got to oakland by 7:20ish. then we took public transportation to Berkeley, and on the metro nikki made a friend as usual. his name was genesis and he was a college student. i got his picture as he walked out the train, slightly blurry though :/ berkeley was BEAUTIFUL. its one of my dream schools. i love the architecture and feel of the school, AND i saw a punk lolita walk across the street! i wanted to chase after her and get her photo and name but i couldn't.
next was stanford, it took an hour on the bus (very long, for me and rachel after glupping down power-sized jamba juices D: bad idea) but it was beautiful as well. the college was reminiscent of a mission, the architecture and art was amazing. and a student named lauren gave us an hour-long lecture on all things college. she was wonderful, a great speaker, and she was really sweet! i do prefer berkeley over stanford, and stanford's 51,000 yearly tuition is a bit off-putting :/ and the fact that they have virtually NO FOOD FOR VEGETARIANS! it sucked. but we did find a cafe in the bookstore that had 3 veggie burritos and 2 veggies sandwiches :D
so we ran out of time, and had to choose between fisherman's wharf or SF State, of course we choose Fisherman's Wharf. the bus dropped us off to take the Cable Car down to Fisherman's Wharf. and oh my goodness there was a 3- story forever21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters! ahh it was heaven. yet sadly, we couldn't go it any of them! we just waited in line for about 30 minutes ;_; oh well, we'll go back!
i must say the cable car ride was the BEST part! me and rach hung on the side of the car. it was just an adrenaline rush, everything about it made me fall in love with SF. the hilly roads and cool weather was beautiful. sadly, joseph's hat flew off and i felt so much regret that i didn't run after it. i could've gotten it too, but i dont know why i didnt. by the time i had the decision to run an entire block back, someone had already taken it. that made me sad for a while... but rachel cheered me up. she just knows exactly what to say to take my mind off things and make me smile. i love that girl :)
we got to fisherman's wharf and had less than an hour to shop, sight-see, and get something to eat. me and rach took off and found the I <3 SF shirts i needed and then lost nikki & joseph and had a momentary freak out. then we just decided to go to boudin and get chowder :D but they ran out of bread bowls D: so we ate and then got ice cream! yumm and we found nikki & joseph lol but by that time we were racing with the clock! i ran back into the store b/c i forgot lea and may's SF shirts and then rushed into the bus -phew-
then much chit-chat and ice-cream eating on the way back to oakland airport. we sat in the terminal for an hour, then boarded the plane and sped back home to LA.

ohhh i could never do that trip justice. it was amazing to say the least. i got to spend an entire day with some of my favorite people as we looked at our possible futures. the feelings and aura of the trip was priceless. evn though i'm not very good at capturing the experience of my memories, i wanted to have a reminder somewhere about it. :]
i'll post pictures soon!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

four outfits

kohls cardigan; banana republic shirt; american eagle shorts; t.j. maxx tights; target gladiators
h&m leather jacket; hanes v-neck; pac-sun jeans; converse; h&m bag
urban outfitters shirt; h&m cardigan; pacsun skirt; converse
h&m tank top; h&m cardigan; f21 jeans; converse

Saturday, February 21, 2009

oh dear -.-

i wrote another LONNGG entry, and it got deleted AGAIN...
maybe this is sign not to put off my entries for so long, then have it accumulate and have to write a huge entry and then have it deleted.

so long story short, i got 2nd place in the optimist power of youth essay contest this week. i got a metal, certificate, and $25 barnes & noble gift card YAY

so here are my outfits for the past week or so :/
sor ry for the bad cellhpone quality :/

i havent worn this out yet, but i will!

YAY!! my first DIY shredded shirt. it was a success, except that i used my dad's old shirt and didnt take into consideration that it would get bigger as i shredded it. SO next time, i'll pick a smalelr shirt so i wont have to safety pin it :]

such an unflattering picture :/ but the outfit was suuper comfy :]
can u see what they're jumping for??

quite a boring outfit, just wanted to wear my neglected purple pants again. it wasnt a success D:
photographer: my brother
the cherry blossoms were too beautiful to pass up. this was one of the most comfortable outfits i've ever worn.

i promise to post daily now! i dont like the accumulated posts much either.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

quiz and photos (shiny leggings: yay or nay?)

i look amused with something in the corner o.o

so when i don't blog for oh so long, i kinda go overboard and post multiple times a day.
i found this quiz on when i was flipping through her past blog entries. so i shamefully stole it (if you're reading this, i hope you dont mind!) and here it is:

1. Where do you go to school? (which country, what course, etc.)
Mayfair High School in the U.S., its a high school so i'm just taking all the advanced classes:
- Alg. 2 Honors
- Adacemy English 10
- AP World History
- Chemistry
- Photo
- Driver's Ed
- Tennis/ P.E. (each are a semester long)
2. Where do you shop most? (Shop and directions/address)
hmmm mainly forever21, H&M, macy's, urban outfitters, pacsun, and a few local stores. i'd like to visit some nice thrift stores but i havent looked around yet. but i love to look for inspiration on blogs, chictopia, lookbook, and designers like alexander wang and balmain.

3. Which band/singer do you listen to the most? Why?
lately i havent been looking into a lot of music... though i do download some songs from i like adele, alan, coldplay, dir en grey, emily haines, feist, high and mighty color, jade, l'arc en ciel, mika nakashima, paramore, search the city, se7en, the sophomore attempt, tokyo rose, sunset shootout, and tegan and sara. actually i like most of whatever music people throw at me, with the exception of rap and most country. so my music taste is quite varied, alternative american music, french, japanese, and chinese.
4. What do you often do in your free time?
i love to search for inspiring blogs. i can spend hours on,, and to name a couple. but spending time with my friends is always one of the best things ever. usually at someone's house, like keenu, lea, or melinda. its the most relaxing, but fun things to do. the beach is really lovely as well. i love strolling the shore at night when there's a bit of a chill and getting ice cream, but i havent done that in a while. i wish i had more events and places to go so i could wear out all of my outfit ideas that are trapped inside my head and driving me insane as they keep me up and prevent sleep from taking me when its night.
so i started playing around with the new slub trapeze tank i got from forever21, some 'wetlook' leggings from forever21, and plain black leggings from target, as well as a navy-colored cardigan i've had from kohls.

yay or nay for the wetlook leggings? which are better, plain black or shiny black?

i actually didnt like the wetlook leggings or plain leggings for a while, but lately i've developed a fond love for them. so i picked up a pair of each this weekend, yet now i dont know if i should keep both... the plain black are so so comfortable i love them. target for $6.99 o.o target you are amazing, i might just buy another pair to wear around the house. forever21 wetlook leggings for $17.99, and trapeze tank for $13.80.

if i decide to return the wetlook leggings, i'm thinking of exchanging it for this sort of 'acid-wash' brown asymetrical cut vest or a cream vest thats also sort of asymetrically cut. sadly pictures arent up on the website just yet, but i'll post them when they are.
also i found some old jazz dance shoes from a couple years ago, i'm thinking of turning them into daily-wear shoes but my mom says that the soles arent made for continuous daily wear :( what do you guys think? not that many people read this blog... :/

[edit] i forgot to add, i'm planning to make a pair of bleached jeans from a old-ish pair of jeans i've had and havent really worn recently. along with that probably another shredded t-shirt or tank top, i love how much more detail it adds to an outfit.
and i'm on a search for a leather jacket! i'm quite tempted by this corset bra from urbanoutfitters, that rumi of www. has, and the kimchi blue horizon mohair cardigan too. hopefully i'll be selling fragilesilencer of LJ my hot pink plaid pleated SDL punk skirt ^____^ i'm hoping it'll all work out! by the way, sugar-tick if you're reading this, did you get my e-mail?

i'm alive!

hello! i'm sorry for not posting in 8 days D: i honestly meant to, i just have been quite busy :/
so i shall make a HUGE post to make up for it :]
today was so beautiful, so i took pictures of our cherry blossom tree :]

chinese new year with my great grandpa :)

and my bro picks me up o.o

Saturday, January 31, 2009


so i wrote this LONG-ASS post about my day and a bit of fashion.. then the internet closed on me!
therefore i'm not gonna bother to go back and retype everything.
when it closed on me, i was in the process of uploading pictures of the people and outfits that have been a great inspiration to me lately. so i'll just go back and reupload all of those:

its not in order of my favorites, just random, i LOVE them all.
all these pictures were taken from childhood flames, fashion toast, itslasfactory, chictopia, and others i forgot. none of these photos are mine.
so you can tell i'm in love with loose,oversized white t-shirts and tanks, sweaters, and pullovers
i realllllly want:
- more loose white t-shirts and tanktops
- pullover sweater/ raglan
- a military trench
- leather bomber/ moto-style jacket
- wet look/ lame black leggings (i know, i fail, but seeing them being worn so amazingly in all those otufits is simply too much)
- collared button-up
- plain black cardigan
ahh i love clothes and fashion.