Saturday, February 21, 2009

oh dear -.-

i wrote another LONNGG entry, and it got deleted AGAIN...
maybe this is sign not to put off my entries for so long, then have it accumulate and have to write a huge entry and then have it deleted.

so long story short, i got 2nd place in the optimist power of youth essay contest this week. i got a metal, certificate, and $25 barnes & noble gift card YAY

so here are my outfits for the past week or so :/
sor ry for the bad cellhpone quality :/

i havent worn this out yet, but i will!

YAY!! my first DIY shredded shirt. it was a success, except that i used my dad's old shirt and didnt take into consideration that it would get bigger as i shredded it. SO next time, i'll pick a smalelr shirt so i wont have to safety pin it :]

such an unflattering picture :/ but the outfit was suuper comfy :]
can u see what they're jumping for??

quite a boring outfit, just wanted to wear my neglected purple pants again. it wasnt a success D:
photographer: my brother
the cherry blossoms were too beautiful to pass up. this was one of the most comfortable outfits i've ever worn.

i promise to post daily now! i dont like the accumulated posts much either.

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