Tuesday, March 17, 2009

San Francisco Recap

so my grandpa's 49 days are over as of today. which means our vegetarian diet is over, and we can cut our hair again yay! [chinese traditions are kinda funny :D] but i've decided to stay a vegetarian :] just as the type of vegetarian that still eats seafood because i LOVE my sushi.
i just finished my dinner of rainbow rolls as well! yummmmm... i havent been so full in a long time.
eeek i've been kinda lazy with doing my I.D.s for AP world :/ i think the stress of the upcoming AP test is wearing on me. i'm so scared ahhhhh!

well on march 13, we went to SF! it was me, rachel, nikki, and joseph!
it was really something, sure it was a regular college trip but the feelings and experiences that we could never experience again made it magical!
rach and nikki slept over the night before, and me and nikki had a photoshoot :D (i'll post pictures ASAP) they slept pretty late i think, cuz i crashed at 10 and we had to wake up at 3AM
we got on the plane and were in the air by 6AM and got to oakland by 7:20ish. then we took public transportation to Berkeley, and on the metro nikki made a friend as usual. his name was genesis and he was a college student. i got his picture as he walked out the train, slightly blurry though :/ berkeley was BEAUTIFUL. its one of my dream schools. i love the architecture and feel of the school, AND i saw a punk lolita walk across the street! i wanted to chase after her and get her photo and name but i couldn't.
next was stanford, it took an hour on the bus (very long, for me and rachel after glupping down power-sized jamba juices D: bad idea) but it was beautiful as well. the college was reminiscent of a mission, the architecture and art was amazing. and a student named lauren gave us an hour-long lecture on all things college. she was wonderful, a great speaker, and she was really sweet! i do prefer berkeley over stanford, and stanford's 51,000 yearly tuition is a bit off-putting :/ and the fact that they have virtually NO FOOD FOR VEGETARIANS! it sucked. but we did find a cafe in the bookstore that had 3 veggie burritos and 2 veggies sandwiches :D
so we ran out of time, and had to choose between fisherman's wharf or SF State, of course we choose Fisherman's Wharf. the bus dropped us off to take the Cable Car down to Fisherman's Wharf. and oh my goodness there was a 3- story forever21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters! ahh it was heaven. yet sadly, we couldn't go it any of them! we just waited in line for about 30 minutes ;_; oh well, we'll go back!
i must say the cable car ride was the BEST part! me and rach hung on the side of the car. it was just an adrenaline rush, everything about it made me fall in love with SF. the hilly roads and cool weather was beautiful. sadly, joseph's hat flew off and i felt so much regret that i didn't run after it. i could've gotten it too, but i dont know why i didnt. by the time i had the decision to run an entire block back, someone had already taken it. that made me sad for a while... but rachel cheered me up. she just knows exactly what to say to take my mind off things and make me smile. i love that girl :)
we got to fisherman's wharf and had less than an hour to shop, sight-see, and get something to eat. me and rach took off and found the I <3 SF shirts i needed and then lost nikki & joseph and had a momentary freak out. then we just decided to go to boudin and get chowder :D but they ran out of bread bowls D: so we ate and then got ice cream! yumm and we found nikki & joseph lol but by that time we were racing with the clock! i ran back into the store b/c i forgot lea and may's SF shirts and then rushed into the bus -phew-
then much chit-chat and ice-cream eating on the way back to oakland airport. we sat in the terminal for an hour, then boarded the plane and sped back home to LA.

ohhh i could never do that trip justice. it was amazing to say the least. i got to spend an entire day with some of my favorite people as we looked at our possible futures. the feelings and aura of the trip was priceless. evn though i'm not very good at capturing the experience of my memories, i wanted to have a reminder somewhere about it. :]
i'll post pictures soon!

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