Saturday, March 21, 2009

snip, snip

Today i have a hair appointment at 3 PM at Artistic Gallery in Monterey Park. I'll just be getting a trim to get rid of all the split-ends and dry parts of my hair. All-in-all, I'll be keeping the same style. Actually my hair doesnt have much 'style' at the moment. It's just long, about 4 inches past my shoulders, with side-swept bangs that almost touch the mouth and a couple layers. Maybe I will change the style a bit for a fresher look, but I love simplistic hair so it definately won't be a dramatic change.

Yesterday, I bought the harem/Aladin pants i wanted from Forever21. They were on sale for a couple weeks now, and I just knew that if i didn't buy it right there and then, it would be gone by the time I'd truly made up my mind. And I have no regrets, I love them! My mom and Rachel don't care much for them to say the least haha, but that's alright.

My To- Do List for Today:
- read and take notes on the assigned reading for AP World
- do abotut5 I.D.s or more
- do my alg. 2 homework
- take my weekend quiz
- look for vocab words in context
My To-Buy List:
- latest issue of Teen Vogue
- posterboard for Bless Me Ultima Project
- LA Times

Oh dear, i have A LOT to do today, yet I sit at the computer and write a blog. Alright, time to go to that AP reading!

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