Friday, June 19, 2009


I just joined the AP English 09/10 blog. I must say Melly you do sound SUPER intelligent! Go Melinda! Now I can't wait to get my books so I can put some input onto the blog as well! I'll be ordering the books off Amazon tonight, which means Melly your books will get ordered too.

I woke up around 10:30AM this morning and Alex (brother) reminded me that TOMORROW we're going to Las Vegas! I can't wait :] So I'm off to pack soon, which means I get to wear my Juicy red swimsuit soon :D

I finished Chapter 1 of American Pageant for APUSH whoo hoo! And I'm using my MacBook now! My parents got it for me for my birthday, they're sooo sweet I love them. My birthday is June 30, but HOPEFULLY I can have a small, informal birthday party thing at Bolsa Chica beach. MY mom hasn't given the okay yet so I'm just hoping :]

Okay time to go pack! I'll take some pictures in Vegas and post soon :]

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