Thursday, June 18, 2009

huntington beach; kbbq; senior graduation; how I looked with curled hair

I can't believe school ended yesterday! Yes, I know I've been a HORRIBLE blogger. I fail.

Lately I've been taking less pictures of my outfits, so I guess those will be less frequent. Nevertheless, here are some pictures of our huntington beach trip, senior graduation, and our last few days of sophomore year :]

me and my bestie rachel <3

SMILE! that's everyone who was there. (clockwise melissa, mark, moi, rachel, mika, melinda, and lea)

rachel took a picture of me putting on sunblock

huntington beach 6.6.09

melly and i; dress up day!

a few of the LTK at lunch :]

me and joey, I'LL MISS YOU JOEY! <3>

jasmine and I, i'll miss her too, she's so sweet and going to SF State!
Korean BBQ @ Mr. Lee's ($10 for all you can eat)

at the bus stop, waiting for the bus

here's how i looked with curled hair!
i wish my hair was longer so i'd look like this just minus the bangs ;)

'someone' said I looked pretty that day ;D whoo hoo~
by the way, this blog is nothing short of ADORABLE!

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