Wednesday, January 21, 2009

natsu. my dear.

even now, listening to dir en grey's marrow of a bone...
flashes of memories
of us
we were so close back then
you had a place dear in my heart
and i with you
listening to the music still hurts
just because it reminds me so vividly
of that bittersweet time
oh how i remember it all so well
like it wasnt so long ago...
natsu i miss you so much
i miss falling asleep together listening to dir en grey
and watching the sunset
i honestly didnt know how precious you were to me
then and now
and now i've lost you
at least i've lost what we used to have
yet its only now that i realize how precious you are to me
and always will be.

natsu, i pray everyday that you'll be happy, safe, and loved.
you need it more than all others
and even though it'll never be the same, know i'll always love you

i just wish i realized how much you cared for me,
when you still did.

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