Tuesday, January 20, 2009

studying and sadies

today was okay, ahhh lots of studying and reading to do.. yet i sit here proscrasinating -.- bad me.
i wore my gladiators today :D my outfit was just okay though, so no picture. i should've worn a less baggy shirt.

anyways, travis wasnt here today :/ it felt weird without him lol
and the LTK is going to SADIES :DDDDD
we're all gonna ask the guys, except me, i think (about 99.8% positive) i'm going to ask someone.
it might be awkward if he says no, but if he does then at least i'll know he doesnt like me and that i can stop or not stop, whichever i prefer haha!
its funny how chill i feel about asking him o.o i think i'll ask him tomorrow... not sure when though... the theme is safari sadies o.O i'll just wear a loose white top and some shorts. not sure if gladiators are considered 'safari' though...

on a sadder note, i'm sick. my mom did the 'cupping' asian remedy yesterday so i have dark circles all over my back. i feel a bit better, but still under the weather :/ hopefully i'll feel better soon.

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