Monday, January 19, 2009

milkywu debut

this is the most recent picture i have of an outfit. sorry for the bad photo quality D: i'm saving for a nice camera.
i was inspired to make a blogspot and to drown myself in more fashion by fashiontoast and childhood flames. i get inspired my bloggers, online fashion posters, and street style more than anything else.

and lately i've been REALLY into:

loose white shirts and tank tops, paired with skinny jeans

gladiator sandals

military trenches

black and navy blue blazers

leather jackets/bombers

biker-style jackets

all of which are on my MUST-GET list, with the exception of the gladiators which i picked up yesterday :D.

and camille (of childhood flames)'s tutorial on the shredded shirt is oh-so amazing. i've got to go get a ribbed shirt to try that on.

i gonna swing by target next weekend for a pack of hanes or fruit of the loom shirts and forever21 for a loose basic shirt. i found a nice navy blue blazer at forever21 on sale, its a bit snug but i like it. i wonder if its still there... and a military trench ahhh i want one. *hoping nordstroms will have some sort of sale or coupon sometime soon*

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  1. Oh, that is such an cute outfit! Welcome to blogspot! (*u*)/

    - fragilesilencer from lj