Friday, January 30, 2009

a pretty simple week

i havent posted in a while :/
well last friday was jane's last day. i was going to write about it but at the time i just couldnt, and even now i cant bring myself to write about it. so i'll just say that we'll all really miss her and there was a lot of crying. even when she came back to visit/ take her english final on wednesday there was a bit of tears and lots of hugging. i'm really going to miss her, i didnt realize how much she meant to me until she had to leave.
anyways, this week hasnt been a good one overall. on the bright side, i have an A in my AP World History class which makes me so so happy. i worked so hard :D

i got this baggy white- see thru/ shirt from target yesterday. yay! i cant wait to make outfits with it. its so simple but i really love it.
i was hoping that melinda, melissa, and rach could come over today but i dont think so :/
too bad... maybe i can do something fun this weekend? not sure... kinda doubt it though.

anyways here's an outfit from this week not the best but ehh i like it (just not my hair, eww):

i need a trim or a simple cut or something to my hair D:

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  1. cute outfit! i love stripes. and i need a hair cut too ;) lol